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By age four, your preschooler is fast becoming a confident, independent learner. At Paige's of Time ELC, this program continues to promote imagination, creativity, and exploration while at the same time putting more emphasis on concepts such as phonics, reading, and math. Your child is still at play, but at this step, a more structured learning environment is introduced to prepare for that big step into the kindergarten classroom. Children master the foundation skills they will need to excel in school.

Four year olds are also exposed to children’s literature, where stories are told, illustrated, and acted out, and math, by using objects in your child’s environment to relay the concepts of numbers and counting. Monthly, weekly, and daily activities keep our curriculum fun and focused. Our approach teaches reading readiness through letters of the week, work books, music, rhymes, stories and songs, and finger play. Children still utilize learning centers as well to explore and to play.


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Children master the foundational skills they will need to excel in school!

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