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INFANTS (6-weeks to 24-months)


Babies enjoy classrooms made for exploring with teachers who support both today’s big milestones and tomorrow’s leaps toward the future. 

At Paige's of Time, your infant will be in a home away from home environment, one that is safe, secure, clean, and nurturing while in a licensed child care setting. Infants will have his or her own personal crib. This policy ensures a clean and sanitary environment for your precious baby. Each caregiver is in tune with your infant’s needs, schedule, and development. 

Since an infant’s world is a sensory one, our program centers on stimulating fine and gross motor skills. Your infant’s caregiver will read, talk and sing to your infant, as well as introduce challenging age appropriate toys, activities and music to stimulate development. Parents will be kept up to date daily on their infants’ progress via a report of their eating and sleeping habits, tummy time, and observations in regard to playing and new discoveries.

Parents are always welcome at any time during the day to drop in and visit with their infants. Parents are reassured not only by our safeguards but also by our loving atmosphere we have created for infants.

TODDLERS (12-24 months)


The Toddler program at Paige's of Time centers around your child becoming more independent. At this age, from 12 to 24 months, your child is learning how to express his or her emotions and feelings. A whole new world opens up at this time, and it is a time of exploration as toddlers begin to talk and to wander through their newly found world. As a result of this inquisitive stage, we shape our toddler curriculum around developing fine and gross motor skills, sensory play, and art activities.

We also incorporate, sign language, singing, story time, dancing, and playing, both indoors and out, into your toddler’s day. Daily routines are used for learning colors, counting, shapes, matching and sorting and categorizing objects. Through songs and finger plays children begin their journey to achieve a love for learning.

To keep you abreast of your toddler’s individual progress, daily reports are kept. These are made available to parents to maintain communication between your child’s teacher and you concerning your child’s day. We always welcome your support and your feedback.



Parents are always welcome at any time during the day to drop in and visit their child



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