CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Information and Measures the Center is Taking

Update 4/15/20
As of 3/30/20 Paige's of Time ELC is an approved Essential Personnel Childcare Center (EPCC) during the COVID-19 pandemic, therefore we're open regular hours and serving EP famililes only at this time. If you're an EP worker and need childcare for your child(ren), please complete the
EP Family Application and email to We will review your application and contact you if we have questions or need additional information. Thank you!



(Mesage sent via email on 3/17/20)

Good afternoon POTELC families, 


It has been a long couple of days for us here at the Center, as it has been difficult for every one of us, and we must prepare for this uncertainty to continue over the coming weeks (months?). We want to thank all of you for your flexibility and patience (STAFF included) as we know there are a lot of last minute decisions to be made based on a fluid situation, and information/mandates that are changing daily. 


Paige's of Time ELC is following the guidelines (update sent today at 9am) by Karen B. Salmon, Ph.D., State Superintendent of Schools, Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE), who is following the CDC.

As of today, March 17, the guidelines for child care programs/facilities are organized into three categories based on the level of community transmission:

1) when there is no community transmission (preparedness phase)

2) when there is minimal to moderate community transmission, and 
3) when there is substantial community transmission.


As of today, Charles County is categorized as "minimal to moderate community transmission." Therefore, we will follow the guidelines based on this category.

Paige's of Time ELC will be open during normal business hours until the category of community transmission changes -or- a confirmed case of COVID-19 has entered the Center -or- government officials mandate closure. We are mandated to limit the number of children in each classroom/space to 10 children per group of "clustered activity" (MSDE's words) and 1 teacher. So, 11 total per room/cluster. Based on this information we can accommodate 76 children. Please READ the attached Word document for details from the CDC on actions to follow if a confirmed case has entered the Center, regardless of the level of community transmission. 

Visit the link below to the CDC for specific details regarding the three categories and mandated actions. PLEASE READ!

PRECAUTIONS & ACTIONS Paige's of Time is implementing at this time:

  • Parents/guardians WILL NOT be permitted to enter the Center to drop-off or pick-up child. A staff member will be out front to greet parents/guardians and to assess the child's health upon entering the building. If you do not see a staff member out front, please call the center from outside to alert us. What does "assessing the child's health mean" --- It means the staff member receiving the child will determine if the child is presenting symptoms of illness, fever and/or other related respiratory symptoms. We MUST take every measure to limit the spread of illness at this uncertain time and protect all members of the POTELC community. If the child has a fever and/or other respiratory symptoms, the parent/guardian will be required to take the child home and will not enter the building. 

  • Parents/guardians should notify the Director immediately if a child and/or any family member in the child's household has tested positive for COVID-19. The child and the entire household must self-quarantine for 14-days per the CDC. The Center will have to take measures immediately to ensure the protection of all POTELC children.  Per the CDC we must alert local health officials about large increases in child and staff absenteeism, particularly if absences appear due to respiratory illnesses (like the common cold or the “flu,” which have symptoms similar to COVID-19).

  • We are very close to making online payments an option, hopefully within 24-hours. If you must pay in cash, please place the cash payment in an envelope and write on the envelope the child(ren) name(s), date, amount, and initial. A staff member will collect envelope from you outside the Center. 

  • Special processes beyond routine cleaning have been implemented at the Center to slow and hopefully prevent the spread of illness. We are following the standard procedures for cleaning as recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The staff is training to use disinfectants in a safe and effective manner.


All decisions about implementing childcare-based strategies (e.g., dismissals, event cancellations, other social distancing measures) will be made locally, in collaboration with local health officials who can help determine the level of transmission in the community.  

Along with MSDE, we will remain vigilant in providing all information regarding the virus and mandates as it pertains to the health and safety of children, students and staff in our early childhood program. 


That's all we have for today--whew! Please reply directly to this email with any concerns or questions. And as always, we pray for all those affected by the global health crisis and I especially pray for each of you to stay well.

Message 3/17 attachments: 

(Mesage sent via email on 3/13/20)
Thank you all for your patience and kind words as we navigate through this rapidly evolving and very fluid situation with COVID-19 which requires us to reevaluate and monitor the changing news and recommendations from the county, state and CDC officials. A confirmed COVID-19 case has been confirmed at our local hospital, therefore we anticipate the spread within our community. Please remain calm and use your best judgement, and of course follow all instructions provided by the CDC and the state.  Please read all email updates from Paige's of Time ELC (POTELC) and reply directly to me with any questions and concerns you may have. See the email below sent last night if you haven't read yet.


As stated below, Maryland public schools (K-12) will be closed starting Monday, March 16 - March 27 (2-weeks). Regarding early learning centers, including Paige's of Time ELC, I received instruction  from the Maryland State Office of Child Care (MSOCC) that there are "currently" no mandates and no direction from Baltimore HQ at this time regarding daycare closures.

POTELC will remain open at this time. If this changes for reasons such as a child of the daycare (or parent/guardian) becomes infected, or the MSOCC mandates closure, I will contact all parents immediately. 


As of Friday, March 13, 9am Paige's of Time ELC will:

  • POTELC will remain open at this time with normal operating hours.

  • We will offer B&A care during operating hours while CCPS are closed (rate will be $195 per week instead of $145 due on normal payment day)

  • B&A children (K - 2nd Grade) will be in the purple classroom, and 3rd - 5th grade will be in the main B&A room.

  • Lunch must be provided by families for children attending all day, breakfast and snacks will be provided by the center as normal.

  • In addition to activities, projects, learning, and outside time, quiet time will be scheduled for children to complete any homework (use of laptop or tablet permitted during this time only).

  • Staff at POTELC will continue to clean and sanitize several times throughout the day and make sure children are washing their hands often, and teachers/aides/parents and other staff are washing their hands and using hand sanitizer available outside each classroom.  

  • POTELC staff will exclude sick children as usual per the POTELC Sick policy.

We will continue to focus on the health, safety and well-being for all our children, families and community and ask for your patience and understanding. We are also committed to communicating to our Center families in a timely manner as developments unfold.


We pray for all those who have been adversely impacted by the illness, for those in the medical fields who are working tirelessly to help combat the illness, and for our community's continued health and well-being. 



(Message sent via email on 3/12/20)
The situation with COVID-19 is rapidly evolving daily. At 5pm this evening (3/12/20) as most of you have heard by now, Maryland State Superintendent of Schools Karen Salmon announced the closure of all public schools in Maryland (K-12), including Charles County Public Schools (CCPS), effective Monday, March 16 to Friday, March 27. The closing is part of the state’s efforts to limit the spread of the COVID-19. Maryland is the second state following Ohio to announce the closure of all public schools (K-12). 


Schools are open tomorrow, Friday March 13, therefore, Paiges of Time ELC will be open as normal on Friday.  


I am awaiting instructions from the State Department of Education Office of Child Care regarding the possible closure of early learning centers in the state. I will have more information tomorrow morning, and will continue to update you as information and instruction is disseminated. 


We pray for all those who have been adversely impacted by the illness, for those in the medical fields who are working tirelessly to help combat the illness, and for our community's continued health and well-being. 

(Message sent via email on 3/6/20)
At Paige’s of Time ELC we remain focused on the health crisis in China and globally associated with the coronavirus infections (COVID-19). POTELC is actively monitoring the
CDC, the Maryland Department of Health, and Charles County Health Department websites for the most current information and recommendations.


On Thursday, March 5, Governor Larry Hogan announced the state’s first positive cases of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and declared a state of emergency to ramp up Maryland’s coordinated response across all levels of government. Three confirmed Maryland cases in Montgomery County; patients, who caught the virus while traveling overseas, are in quarantine and in good condition.

The current risk of COVID-19 still remains low as reported this morning by the U.S. Surgeon General and the CDC. Below are a few statistics conveyed in their report:

  •   80% of cases do not need hospitalization–kept at home (w/cold or flu like symptoms).

  •   The 20% of confirmed cases who need hospitalization have been older or individuals with previous medical conditions (e.g., lung/heart disease or cancer).

  •   98% of people will not contract the virus and of those who do will recover.

  •   Those most at risk should take precautions like washing hands and social distancing, staying away from large gatherings.

* 18,000 flu deaths happened in this country this season alone, need to manage risk from the getting the flu. Please keep this in mind, and make sure you get a flu shot if you haven’t already. Flu vaccinations are available through end of April. Although it’s late, it is still a good idea to get protected.

As the global outbreak evolves, POTELC is preparing for the possibility of community-level outbreaks. Our response will be revised and updated as new information becomes available, but we remain focused on prevention and implementing precautionary measures. Our emergency preparedness case in each classroom were revised February 2020 and all staff reminded and brought up-to-date on all procedures.

Parents/guardians received a letter March 6 detailing additional COVID-19 information and measures the Center is taking at this time. Please contact the Center ASAP if you did not receive this letter via email or the printed copy placed in child's school cubby. 

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