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(24-36 months)


Two-year olds need a balance of nurturing and learning to help them gain self-confidence, to boost their self-esteem, and to instill a love of learning. Since these children abound with both energy and eagerness, our daily classroom and extra curricular activities center around songs and finger play, stories, mathematical relationships (numbers, shapes and sizes), oral language (alphabet), colors, art, music and dance, dramatic play, and physical skills.


Our center is filled with a world of wonderment for two year olds: blocks, art materials, home living, Play-Doh®, puzzles, books and table toys. Emphasis is placed upon stimulating the developmental areas of social and emotional skills, cognitive skills, and gross and fine motor skills. These learning activities also help to prepare your child for the preschool experiences that are just around the corner. We believe learning should be fun, to achieve a love for learning.

Children participate in daily outside play on our state of the art playground or in our multipurpose room so even on rainy days or hot or cold days children are able to participate in active play. 


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We believe learning should be fun, to achieve a love for learning!

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